It couldn’t be simpler to obtain eye-catching images to showcase your brand from Image Foundry. We can work with as little or as much detail as you have, to create computer generated photography that can transform your marketing collateral.



Whether you are selling a full kitchen range, the fixtures of a wet room, high-end taps or ornate fireplaces, we can recreate whatever you want to show off as the centrepiece of your image. We will ask for more information - you might have detailed CAD drawings, or you might only be able to provide a sketch or a description. Either way, we can use this to produce a realistic 3d render. We might also ask for some close-up, high-res shots of the product so we can see the exact textures, for example, stainless steel or brushed metal. Don’t worry if you can’t provide these – we have an extensive library of textures so you can choose something close and we can adapt it until we have a perfect match.

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